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Let’s see… so for ap Chem today I tried my hardest and then on every blank question I drew a picture and on the last question I wrote a story about how I didn’t really like ap chem this year and how im hoping ill like it in college because pharmaceutical chem is my major. I also wrote how I really want to sing but that it isn’t really realistic. I also wrote about how I should have auditioned in my school’s production of les miserables because I know I would have gotten a part if I tried but I didn’t. And then I said “but I didn’t because my AP classes were so busy and made me le MISERABLE.” and then I said that I made a funny joke just then. And then I said “excuse me while my eye twitches” and then I wrote about why I’m not trying and how even if I passed it wouldn’t count as credit unless I got a 4 or 5. And that it would only count as elective credit and I wouldn’t get out of any general class cause of it. And how I have more than enough elective credits.

And then I owned that AP psych test. Made it MAH BITCH Better get a four at least yoo!

  1. seeheatherrun said: I wrote chemistry jokes on the free response questions I didn’t get (almost all of them) and I got a 1 YEEEEEAH
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